Clip Art images. These are all black and white, many large (in dimension, but not size).

[image] alms.gif
Giving alms (408 x 501, 5k)

[image] candle.gif
Candle and gospel (392 x 197, 3k)

[image] chalice2.gif
Ornate Chalice, (357 x 751 10)

[image] climacus.gif
St. Climacus (BIG, 1128 x 877, 38k)

[image] confess.gif
Confession, (968 x 789, 44k)

[image] cross.gif
Large Orthodox cross (EPS version available) (2626x3300, 45k)

[image] cross2.gif
Large Orthodox cross, with border (EPS version available) (2450x3300, 68k)

[image] desert.gif
Sent into the desert... (776 x 801, 20k)

[image] entry.gif
The Entry of the Theotokos (747 x 900, 52k)

[image] fast.gif
Fasting (892 x 900, 49k)

[image] fish.gif
A fish (864 x 465, 14k)

[image] grape.gif
Grape vine (1152 x 400, 23k)

[image] grlavra.gif
Lavra, (1088 x 787, 49k)

[image] hand.gif
Hand, showing finger positions for sign of the cross (464 x 895, 15k)

[image] htm.gif
Holy Trinity Monastery (ROCA) (1065 x 900, 61k)

[image] icons.gif
Icons (728 x 900, 58k)

[image] icxc.gif
Cross with IC XC NI KA (224 x 303, 3k)

[image] johnclim.gif
St. John Climacus (684 x 900, 35k)

[image] ladder.gif
The Ladder of Divine Ascent (728 x 711, 27k)

[image] newban.gif
Page banner with cross (1152 x 370, 16k)

[image] palamas.gif
St. Gregory Palamas (620 x 900, 25k)

[image] priest.gif
A priest giving a blessing (689 x 900, 36k)

[image] pubphar2.gif
Publican and Pharasee (614 x 685, 37k)

[image] read.gif
A bible with bookmark (544 x 425, 10k)

[image] reign.gif
The Reign of the Theotokos (847 x 900, 30k)

[image] scroll.gif
Another banner / scroll (968 x 261, 7k)

[image] shamrock.gif
A shamrock (288 x 513, 5k)

[image] shep.gif
Shepherds hearing the proclamation of the Nativity (646 x 900, 48k)

[image] tikhvin.gif
Theotokos (663 x 900, 27k)

[image] vine.gif
Vine clipart (actual size: 192 x 101 2k)

[image] well.gif
Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the well (689 x 900, 44k)

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