Icons of our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ

[image] Christus_Pantocrator.gif
The Lord Pantocrator icon. ( 600 x 768 ) 328 kb. (sorry, full size not available)

[image] pantokrator.gif
Christus Pantokrator, Novgorod, late 15th century. (418x580, 232k)

[image] wetbeard.gif
"Our Saviour with the wet beard" Novgorod icon, 15-16th century. Now in the cathedral of Trondheim, Norway. (566x780, 424k)

[image] pantokrator2.gif
Christ, our Lord. 16th century icon, monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai. (416x587, 198k)

[image] pantokrator3.gif
Christ our Lord; icon made in Greece 1990. (343x497, 173k)

[image] icxc.gif
Christ - Pantocrator, 'Ruler of all', Serbian monastery Hilandar, Mt.Athos, 13th century (413x562 136k)

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