ACCESS Announcement

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese...............

Announcing ACCESS Archdiocesan Communication Conferening and E Mail Server System........

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries presents ACCESS: We are now in phase five of six. Phases 1-5 were introductory and now the program is into beta testing.

What is on-line: E Mail, Conferencing, Searching File Transfers Cross Platform Support Chatting Multiple User access Full Graphical Interface and Multitasking

Contents: Current Diocesan Youth Events, Youth Ministries Resources, Pastoral Resources, Diocesan Information, Sermon Resources, Bible study resources, Diocesan Camp Folders,

System: PC or compatible, running Windows 3.1 or DOS 5, 4mb ram, 4mb free on hard drive. Windows is recommended to fully appreciate this program.

Macintosh: Running system 6.08 or later or Power Macintosh with a modem, 2mb ram (running system 6) 4mb ram (running system 7) and at least 4 mb free disk space. Must specify 800k or 1.4 mb discs.

Pre-January Beta Testing rate:      $75.00
Regular Subscription Rate $100.00
User Manual $10.00

Although availability of the ACCESS system will commence on January 1, 1995, prior to this date all registered users will be able to log into the system and access the limited resources at no additional charges (i.e. if you sign up now for $75 you will be paid up until 12/31/95)..

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