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I've decided to remove this page. My reasons are threefold:

  1. I don't have journalist blood in me. I have a hard time, personally, maintaining a news page. It's hard to get the inspiration to do so.

  2. Many of the things that I would put on it are copyrighted from various news service. I would have to summarize them, or ask for permission (which usually takes a long time).

  3. There is also the issue of bias. I'm trying to keep the Orthodox Page as unbiased as possible, and when I include a "news" page, invariably there are things that are included, and things that are not (usually due to reason #1 above), and that gives the illusion of bias.

Please forgive me, if you were relying on this page for news about the Orthodox Church. There are other options (that generally cost money, because they come from the wire services). A good one is NewsHound. Also good is the clari.news.religion newsgroup (if it's available at your site).

St. John (Maximovich) Archbishop of Shang-Hai and San Francisco was glorified in the weekend of July 2-3, 1994. Here are three accounts of the glorification:

  1. One by a priest,
  2. One by a layman and
  3. One by Fr. Alexis Duncan.

St. John, pray to God for us.

Other stories:

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  2. News from the Tolga Convent
  3. Eternal Rest of Armenian Patriarch

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