The Lenten Triodion

Thanks to the industry, dedication and generosity of The Community of the Holy Myrrbearers, I am very happy to present almost the whole of the Lenten Triodion here.

Here is some information on how this came to be (the README file).

The superior of the community, Mother Raphaela, has graciously given her blessing to distribute the texts here for personal and church use, but not for any kind of commercial use.

The texts are also available here as TRIODION.ZIP.

The texts herein have not be 'html-ed', so they don't look as polished (especially on GUI displays) as other pages. But I felt that the task of converting all this to html would be a longer task than it is worth.
--Michael Vezie, Monday, 1st week in Lent, 1995.

Pre-Lenten readings
Great Lent: Week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Holy Week

Daily hours

Pre-Lenten readings:

First week of Great Lent

Second week of Great Lent

Third week of Great Lent

Fourth week of Great Lent

Fifth week of Great Lent

Sixth week of Great Lent

Holy Week

The end, and Glory be to God!

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