[IMAGE]Orthodox Reading

Texts written by Orthodox Christians and relating to our faith are included here.

If you have written any kind of text which could be characterised as Orthodox, I would be happy to have a look at it and maybe make it available through The Orthodox Page.

  1. The St. Pachomius Library

    Note that the St. Pachomius Library is no longer hosted at the Orthodox Page.

    This library contains uncopyrighted English translations of the Church Fathers, the acts of the Christian martyrs, the proceedings of the Councils, the lives of the early saints, etc.

  2. Differences between the Orthodox Church and Roman Catholicism By Fr. Michael Azkoul
  3. Some straight answers about the Orthodox Church
  4. Scriptural Evidence for the Sacred Nature of the Sacraments
  5. I Believe...: A Short Exposition of Orthodox Doctrine
  6. Orthodox CatechismA Catechism (information about the Orthodox Church)
  7. The Life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt
  8. There Is No Death A priest tells about the repose of his mother.
  9. A Homily on the Dormition of Our Supremely Pure Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary By St. Gregory Palamas.
  10. Papa-Nicholas Planas is Canonized
  11. Three Fathers Text of a radio interview (translated) regarding three holy fathers of Mt. Athos.
  12. On the Procession of the Holy Spirit
  13. The Holy Angels
  14. Holy Light in Jerusalem On the Holy Flame that appears annually in Jerusalem.
  15. On the Question of the Filioque written by Fr John Meyendorff.
  16. Love your neighbor Written by St. Cosmas of Aetolia
  17. The Holy Fire, relating to the miraculous Holy Fire that appears annually at Pascha in Jerusalem.
  18. On Bells, Bell Ringing Rubrics
  19. The Jewish Question In The Russian Orthodox Church On Anti-Semitism in Russia (in 4 parts).
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