Reader Daniel Lieuwen

I will not be spending much time on Western saints that every Orthodox should
know and love: Pope St. Gregory, St. Irenaeus, St. Augustine, St. Ambrose
of Milan.  Italian saints tend to be fairly well known.  However, saints from
Western Europe other than Italy are poorly known.  Being of Dutch, French
(Huegenout), and German extraction, I have an active interest in such
saints.  This will be a very preliminary list of sources of information:
pointers to texts containing lists of saints of particular countries,
places to acquires Lives (particularly those translated from texts from
the same age as the saint), places to acquire icons, and the like.  I plan
to update it as I get more information.  If you send mail to:
I will try to incorporate the improvements in a reasonable time frame.

Information contained is unaudited.  I am giving it as I was given it mostly
with only a small fraction of this the results of my own research.  I will
improve errors and ommisions in responce to your feedback.

I am missing some addresses that I do not have on-line.  Providing them to 
me would improve the FAQ.

Where do I find Icons of Western Saints? 
[as you can see this is sketchy, if you send me more
detailed information, like lists available from each source, I will add in;
I probably will at some point anyway, but if someone helps out, it'll speed
this up]

1) St. Vladamir's carries icons of Celtic saints
	St. Vladimir's Seminary Bookstore
	575 Scarsdale Road
	Crestwood, NY  10707

2) Holy Transfiguration monastary 
	Holy Transfiguration Monastery
 	278 Warren Street
  	Brookline, MA 02146
   carries:  [I may have missed some] 

	Western European Saints
	A-247     St. Alban (5 1/4 x 9 1/4)
	A-24      St. Ambrose (6 1/2 x 9 1/2)
	A-153     St. Benedict (7 1/4 x 8 7/8)
	A-265     St. Boniface of Rome (7 1/4 x 9 7/8)
	A-295     St. Botolph of Boston (6 1/4 x 9 3/4)
	A-313     St. Columba of Iona (6 x 9 3/8)
	A-297     St. Edward (7 1/2 x 9 1/2) [the Confessor or another?]
	A-239     St. Joseph of Arimathea (6 1/2 x 9) [he came to England]
	A-327     St. Kenneth (7 1/8 x 9 1/2)
	A-303     St. Melania of Rome (7 x 9 1/2)
        St. Patrick
        St. Aiden of Lindesfarne 
        St. Oswin, King of Deira (spiritual son of St. Aiden)

	North American Saints	
	A-318     Blessed Archbishop John Maximovitch (7 1/4 x 9 1/2)
	A-106     St. Peter the Aleut (6 1/8 x 9 1/2)
	A-278     St. Tikhon the Confessor--Patriarch of Moscow (7 1/4 x 9 
	A-227     St. Juvenaly of Alaska (7 x 8 3/4)

3) Various Western saints can be gotten from the "New Age 'Orthodox'" Monastary
   in Nebraska and are sold at many places including Light and Life under the
   name "Windows into Heaven".  I would urge that those considering buying 
   from this source (the only source for many Western saints like St. David 
   of Wales apparantly), consider carefully the warnings about these icons 
   that appeared on the Orthodox mailing list.

4) St. Mark's (Western Rite) Antiochian Orthodox Church in Colorado has several
   relevant icons (including all Saints of Britain)

5) The late Archimandrite David of the Monastery of St Seraphim of Sarov,
   Walsingham, Norfolk, England, produced icons of several British Saints
	St Columba, 
	St Patrick and 
	St Alban.   
   Prints of these should be available.
	Mother Seraphima
	Monastery of St Seraphim of Sarov
	3 Bunkers Hill
	Egmere, Walsingham, Norfolk
	Great Britain, NR22 6AZ

6) St. Deinio's paper icon may be ordered by writing
	the Rev. Dr. Peter J. Jagger, M.A., M.Phil., F.R.Hist.S.,
	Warden and Chief Librarian
	St. Deiniol's Library, Hawarden
	Clwyd, CH5 3DF
	North Wales, Great Britain
	Tel. 0244 532350

7) The predominantly Russian parish, Mark Markish attends in Boston 
   commissioned an iconographer to paint a large icon of St.Botolph,
   the patron of the city of Boston (Botolphstown?) in Britain and its
   American namesake.

8) An icon of St. Colman, Bishop of Lindisfarne, was obtained from _Orthodox 

9) vol. 2 of   Saints of Anglo-Saxon England (St. Nectarios) has St. Dunstan's 
   icon, but not in color (part of a four volume series by St. Nectarios Press 
   [or at least carried by them], two of which are out).  Nina is looking into
   getting it reproduced in color (asking its owner).

10) Line drawing icons of many saints of Gaul can be found in Fr. Seraphim
    Rose's translation of VITA PATRUM

11) St. Tikhon's Bookstore carries a nice icon of all the saints of North
    America recognized by the OCA and I believe other North American saints too.

12) There is a St. Edward [the Confessor] Brotherhood in England.  They 
    apparantly have some English icons (including St. Edward).

13) [From: Clive Barbour ]
    St George Orthodox Information Service
    64 Prebend Gardens
    London  W6 0XU
    Tel/Fax (+44) 181 741 9262
    GOIS publishes many icon prints of British and Irish saints, and recently
    published as a postcard an icon I had commissioned of three local saints, 
    Columbanus, Gall and Comgall who were associated with Bangor Abbey before 
    evangelising parts of western Europe. The town of St Gallen in Switzerland 
    is named after him and (I think) he might be patron of Switzerland. I 
    have the troparia to all three saints if anyone is interested.

    The chap who runs SGOIS (and edits an occasional newsletter called
    "Orthodox News") is called Andrew Bond. His latest newsletter listed the
    following icon postcards of the Saints of the British Isles which he had,
    but I know he has many more than these, including eastern Saints:

        Apostle Aristobulos [first Bishop of Britain]
        St David of Wales
        St Aidan of Lindisfarne
        St Finan of Lindisfarne
        St Colman of Lindisfarne
        St Cedd of Essex
        St Oswald of Northumbria
        St Oswin of Northumbria
        St Angus of Keld
        St Eanswythe of Folkestone
        St John of Beverley
        St Brannock of Braunton
        St Urith of Chittlehampton
        St Brendan the Voyager
        St Colman of Oughaval
        Sts Gall, Comgall and Columbanus of Bangor
        St Frideswide of Oxford
        St Ita of Kileedy
        St Brihtwold of Ramsbury

Where do I find Lists of Western Saints of Various Countries?

1) The annual Calendar published in French by the Fraternite Orthodoxe (based
   in Paris) contains substantial lists of French saints for each day of the 

2) The Calendar produced by the Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist
   (based in Britain) gives a conservative list of British (including Irish)
   saints for each day.

3)  The Typicon of St. John of Kronstadt press may still list Western Saints.

4) List of Saints of the Netherlands available in St. Herman Calendar
5) List of Pr-schism saints of Belgium  in Orthodox Tradition Vol X Num 4 1993
   Vol XI Num 1 1994

Where do I find Lives of Western Saints?
[The nicely formatted ones are from St. Nectarios'
which I lifted with permission from Nina Seco]

1) THE LION, a publication of St. Mark's, Denver publishes many articles 
   concerning Western pre-schism saints.

2) book listing Western Saints is "The Avenel Dictionary
   of Saints" by Donald Attwater. 1981 Avenel Books New York.  Distributed
   by Crown Publishers by arrangement with Penguin Books Ltd.

3) Orthodox Life, Orthodox Word, Living Orthodoxy, and True Vine carry 
   lives of Western saints.

4) Lives of Saints Robert (Rupert) and Erendruda (Erentraud) of Salzburg can
   be gotten on-line.

5) Richard Stanton, A MENOLOGY OF ENGLAND AND WALES...1887 was suggested as a
   nice source of no-longer-copyrighted  material.

6) Butler's Lives of Saints is reputed to be pretty good if you get the "old"
   edition.  The newer edition by Attwater rewrites the lives in accord with
   "current research", so traditions end up being lost.

7) The Lord willing, I'll be tracking down information on Lives of Dutch saints
   (with a name like Lieuwen, I have some prejudice for things Dutch!).  I was
   given some names by Jim Forest, and hope to have more information on this
   score "soon".
    Culled fm St Herman calendar
    Saints Gertrude of Nijvel,Abbess Feb 12/25
    Wulfram, missionary Mar 20/Apr 2
    Woutruide, foundress of a monastery !April 9/22
    Ansfried, bp of Utrecht May 3/16
    Domitianus of Maastricht May 7/20
    Servatius, defender against Arianism May 13/26
    Medardus. bp June 8/21
    Frederich, bp of Utrecht July 18/31
    Bernulphus, bp of Utrecht July 24/Aug 6
    Jeroen, priest martyr, Aug 17/30
    Lambert, hieromartyr of Maastricht Sep 17/30
    Bavo penitent and hermit, Patron of Haarlem Oct 1/14
    Foilan, Irish monk martyr Oct 31/Nov 13
    Odrada , nun
    Nov 5/18
    Winnocus, Abbot Nov 6/19
    Willibrord, Apostle of the Neth Nov 7/20
    Trudo, Abbot Nov 23/Dec 6
    Eligius Bp Dec 1/14
    Boniface (shows up as N. German on the calendar, but the Dutch claim him
    as their own too---Friesland the ethnic entity spans the national borders)

8) Lives of Holy Saints Ethelreda, Sexburga, and Ermenhilda of Ely
   in Living Orthodox March-April 1993 (actual release March 1994)

9) Sixety Saxon Saints from 
	Anglo-Saxon Book/ Pinner, Middlesex L2.95
   May not be an Orthodox source, _The Shepherd_complained about its tone

10) Nice books on Celtic saints (of which I purchased Lives of St. Columba and
    St. Columban through the Valaam Society Bookstore in Chico)
	Llanerch Publishers
	Felinfach, Lampeter
	Dyfed SA48 8PJ
	United Kingdom
    Reprints of (apparantly Anglo-Catholic translations I'd guess) of the 
    second half of the last century.  Include the following (and more I believe)
	St. Ceolfrid
	St. Columba
	St. Gall
	St. Columban

11) 	St. Ignatius of Antioch Press
	Post Office: Grace Ministries, Inc.
	6665 Huntley Rd., Suite K
	Columbus, OH 43229
    4.95 for 40 page books with Troparion, Kontakion, and removable small icon
	Ss. Cuthbert, 
	Ethelbert, and 
	Augustine of Canterbury 
    (each has own book)
    comes from:
	Stylite Publishing Ltd.
	Hopkins Passage
	Welshpool, Powys
	United Kingdom
    Nina Seco told me that Stylite is out of business, so I don't know how
    much longer these books will be available.  If someone else is publishing
    them now (or Stylite is back in business), please let me know.  

12)  Ancient Christian Writers series (Blue Patristics books)
     carries Confessions of St. Patrick

13) Penguin carries:
	Eusebius's Ecclesiastical History (which has both Eastern and 
         Western material)
	Bede's Ecclesiatical History
	A volume of Lives of Saints by the Venerable Bede
	Confessions of Saint Augustine (can be gotten on tape from another 
         source, although perhaps from a different translation.  If interested,
         I can check)

14) VITA PATRUM: The Life of the Fathers by St. Gregory of Tours (translated 
    by Fr. Seraphim Rose and published by St. Herman of Alaska Brotherhood in
    Platina) gives good information on the Saints of Gaul.  Has background
    information on the church in Gaul by Fr. Seraphim.  Includes pictures of
    ancient frescoes, pictures (maybe just line drawings) of old monastaries,
    etc...  Has more than 20 Lives.

    ST. GREGORY OF TOURS, the great bishop of the Gallic church of
    the 6th century recorded many miracles and narratives of early
    saints in 7 volumes, 3 of which are now available in English.
    These short accounts provide a valuable picture of the early
    Church.  LUP  Paper
    (GLC) GLORY OF THE CONFESSORS translated by Raymond Van Dam.
    Narratives about confessors and the miracles they or their
    relics performed.  136pp.  e$15.00
    (GLM) GLORY OF THE MARTYRS translated by Raymond Van Dam.
    Narratives about martyrs and the miracles associated with
    them.  160pp.  e$16.00
    (LF) LIFE OF THE FATHERS translated by Edward James.  The VITA
    PATRUM, a collection of 20 lives of saints of the church of
    Cleremont and Gaul  164pp.  e$16.00

    A History of the Franks, Translated by Lewis Thorpe
    This colorful narrative of French history in the sixth century is a
    dramatic and detailed portrait of a period of political and religious
    turmoil.  720 pp. 0-14-044295-2   $9.95  (Penguin classics)

15) (AS1) THE SAINTS OF ANGLO-SAXON ENGLAND (9- 11th Centuries) by
    Vladimir Moss. A series of lives of Orthodox martyrs and
    strugglers from the land of England from the centuries just
    prior to the Norman Conquest, who are largely unknown to us.
    (AS1)  Vol. 1: 19 saints from 779 to 934 with an excellent
    historical introduction.   112pp.  Illus.  Paper  b$8.50
    (AS2) Vol. 2: This volume contains seven 10th century saints,
    including St. Dunstan.  SNP  113pp.  Paper b$8.50
16) (BEN) SAINT BENEDICT OF NURSIA, Revised  Edition The Life of
    St.  Benedict from the MENOLOGY of St.  Dimitri of Rostov and
    the liturgical service and akathist translated by Isaac
    Lambertsen, together with the English text of the Rule of St.
    Benedict for monasteries. An excellent edition. KRON   80pp.
    Paper   e$5.00
17) (BRE)  SAINT BRENDAN Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series
    of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from
    original sources, with a brief historical background. Contains
    the famous voyage of this 6th century monk.  FLORIS  64pp.
    Paper  d$6.00
18) (BRI)  SAINT BRIDE (BRIDGIT) Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of
    a series of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish
    saints from original sources, with a brief historical
    background. St.  Bridgit was the founder of the first convent
    in Ireland about the year 500.  FLORIS  64pp.  Paper  d$6.00
19) (CLB)  SAINT COLUMBA Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series
    of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from
    original sources, with a brief historical background. St.
    Columba, founder of the Abbey of Iona, was also a great
    missionary and lived in the 6th century. FLORIS 64pp.  Paper
20) (NI) SAINT NINIAN Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series of
    lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from
    original sources, with a brief historical background.  Fifth
    century missionary-bishop who evangelized the northern Britons
    and the Picts from his mission at Whithorn.  FLORIS  64pp.
    Paper  d$6.00
21) (PAT) SAINT PATRICK Edited by Iain MacDonald. One of a series
    of lives and writings of early Irish and Scottish saints from
    original sources, with a brief historical background. The
    famous 5th century missionary bishop called "The Apostle of
    Ireland." FLORIS  64pp.  Paper d$6.00

22) Nina Seco informs me that this is not all from Floris:
    "Floris Books has a series of small "popular" lives (St. Patrick, Columba,
    Bride, Mungo, Brendan, Ninian), which are distributed here
    by Anthropomorphic Press. St. Nectarios Press is carrying those too."

    Venerable Bede, translated by Leo Sherley- Price. A vivid
    account of Saxon England and Celtic Britain from 55 B.C. to
    731 A.D., containing the accounts of many of the saints and
    righteous who so influenced the religious and political

24) Everyman publishes "Anglo-Saxon ".  I saw it in
    Border's bookstore in the Cincinnati area (near Tri-County mall).  It
    had several lives in addition to other material.  Nina Seco isn't sure
    if the publisher is still in business or not.  Any information in this
    regard would be appreciated.

25) [From Norman Redington]
    One truly outstanding popular book on the Celtic church, if
    you can tolerate a slight "New Age" feel, is
      AUTHOR: Toulson, Shirley.
      TITLE: The Celtic year /
      PLACE: Shaftesbury, Dorset ; Rockport, Mass. :
      PUBLISHER: Element,
      YEAR: 1993
    This book is more than just an excellent handbook of Celtic saints
    by feast day which includes their traditional legends as well as
    modern critical opinion -- written for residents of/ visitors to
    the British Isles, it features a "pilgrimage of the month" to
    12 major sites, complete with detailed maps and travel tips!

26) [From Norman Redington]
    Because the Celtic tradition is popular with aging hippies and
    the like, there are a number of anthologies of Celtic spirituality
    aimed at that market. One of the best is
      TITLE: Celtic Christianity :
              ecology and holiness /
       PLACE: Great Barrington, Mass. : Rochester, Vt. : Distributed to the
              book trade by Inner Traditions International,
       PUBLISHER: Lindisfarne Press ;
       YEAR: 1987

27) [From Norman Redington]
    I am very impressed with J.J.O'Meara's translation of the Navigatio
    Sancti Brendani
        TITLE: The voyage of Saint Brendan :
               journey to the promised land = Navigatio Sancti Brendani abbatis
        PLACE: Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire :
        PUBLISHER: C. Smythe,
        YEAR: 1991 1976
28) [From Norman Redington]
   Moving to the Anglo-Saxon era, Cambridge University Press publishes
    B. Colgrave's excellent translations of English Latin writings,
    including The Life of St. Guthlac, Two Lives of St. Cuthbert,
    and The Earliest Life of Gregory the Great. These are all actually
    available in paperback.

Where do I find Lives of Western Saints on Tape? 
[Note, these are from St. Nectarios Press.
We carry them in our church library, but have bleeped out extraneous attacks
on other Orthodox Christians in them.  They would be much improved by the
removal of that material.  If it upsets you too much, don't order the tapes]
1) (T2) THE BRITISH SAINTS by Fr. David Belden, 1987
2) (T5) THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ST. DUNSTAN by Fr.  David Belden

Where do I find Writings of Western Saints?

1)  The writings of Western saints can be found in many of the standard
    patristics sets: Eerdmans' Ancient Christian Writers, Fathers of the Church
    Fathers of the Church listing
    Author/Title Index to the Series
    Just the Patristic series

2) (CASS) CONFERENCES by St. John Cassian. Selections from a
   wonderful work on the ideals of monasticism in the Egyptian
   and Syrian deserts of the fourth and fifth centuries by a
   great saint who brought Orthodox monasticism to the West.
   PAUL   208pp.  Paper  d$13.00

    Lyon.  Presbyter and later Bishop of Lyon in the 2nd century,
    St.  Irenaeus composed this work which is an "exposition" of
    the apostolic teachings on God and His creatures, the history
    of redemption, and Christ in the Old and New Testaments. A
    very important catechetical writing.  ACW Vol. 16   PAUL
    233pp.  Cloth  d$17.00
    contemporary rendition of two early Christian works: FIRST
    APOLOGY by St.  Justin  Martyr, and OCTAVIUS by Mark  Felix.
    St. Justin's Apology is one of the oldest in existence,
    describing early  worship and baptism services, and the
    teachings of the early Church.  OCTAVIUS describes  a lively
    debate between a pagan and a second century Christian on  the
    Christian Faith. Both are valuable documents for understanding
    the Church.  SCROLL  160pp.  Paper d$7.00
    ST.  PATRICK trans. by Ludwig Bieler. Writings by two early
    fifth century western saints, including letters and sayings of
    St.  Patrick, Canons of a local church council, Patrick's
    Hymn, known as Lorica, and the Hymn on St. Patrick written by
    his contemporary, St. Secundinus. Excellent early Christian
    writings.  ACW Vol. 17  PAUL  119pp. Cloth  d$12.00 LATER
6)  (AT) THE APOSTOLIC TRADITION of St. Hyppolytus of Rome
    translated from the Greek by Gregory Dix and edited by Gregory
    Dix and Henry Chadwick. This treatise from the early third
    century provides some of the earliest teachings on church life
    and order which have come down to us. It is divided into three
    sections: Part I.  Of the Clergy; Part II. Of the Laity and
    Part III. Church Observances.  Contains an extensive
    historical introduction and discussion of texts, and copious
    notes.   MOR   90pp.  Paper e$13.00
7)  (CG1) HOMILIES ON THE GOSPELS, BOOK ONE by the Venerable Bede,
    trans. by Lawrence T. Martin and David Hurst. A collection of
    sermons for some Sundays and Feast Days from Advent to Great
    Lent. Companion volume to Bede's COMMENTARY ON THE ACTS OF THE
8)  (CG2) HOMILIES ON THE GOSPELS, BOOK TWO by the Venerable
    Bede.  Companion volume to Book One above, covering the period
    of Great Lent through September.  CIS 290pp.  Paper  d$14.00
    (LAME) THE LAMENT OF EVE by Johanna Manley.  Based upon the
    commentaries by early Church Fathers on the first five
    chapters of Genesis, this compunctionate lament by our
    ancestress Eve provides insights on the creation, the image
    and likeness of God, the tree of life, the fall and expulsion
    from Paradise, God's love and more... The Epilogue develops
    themes of love, hope, salvation, restoration through Christ.
    Complete index and Bibliography for further reading. 154pp
    Paper  d$10.00
    Venerable, trans. by David Hurst.  This 8th Century commentary
    on the Epistles of the Apostles James, Peter, John and Jude is
    a valuable addition to biblical studies. Written in a clear
    and simple style, it is a delight to read. CIS  253pp.
    d$11.00 [note, this is different than the catalog which says out of print, 
    but Nina Seco gave me this as an update]
10) (FGH) FORTY GOSPEL HOMILIES by St. Gregory the Great, trans.
    by Dom Daniel Hurst. A selection of homilies on various Gospel
    texts now in English for the first time. A wonderful addition
    to the commentaries by early Fathers of the Church.  CIS
    387pp.  Paper d$16.00
    PROPHET EZEKIEL translated by Theodosia Grey. The first
    English translation of the sermons of St. Gregory the
    Dialogist, Pope of Rome delivered in 593, during very
    turbulent times. Having experienced wars, plagues, invasions,
    floods as well as spiritual threats to the Church, St. Gregory
    believed that the end was near and used these sermons to
    prepare his flock. Very timely reading for today!  CTOS
    307pp.  Paper  e$13.00

12) [From Norman Redington]
    Among Continental writers, besides those mentioned by Daniel and
    of course the many editions of Augustine, one thinks of the
    Loeb Classical Library, inexpensive bilingual texts from Harvard
    University Press. Among those of Western Orthodox interest are the
    Epistles of St. Jerome and The Consolation of Philosophy by St.
    Severinus Boethius.
13) [From Norman Redington]
    The Rule of St. Benedict is available in several editions; one I
    am familiar with is Fr. Luke Dysinger's translation, embedded in
    a "devotional commentary and workbook" by Norvene Vest entitled
    _Preferring Christ_ (Source Books CA, Box 794, Trabuco Canyon,
    CA 92678).
14) [From Norman Redington]
    Finally I want to mention the amazing online "Augustine Seminar with
    Related Resources" on the World Wide Web. (Among the resources is
    a brand-new translation of Gregory the Great (Dialogos) _Moralia_
    and much material on Augustine, Dialogos, Jerome, Boethius, and others.)
    The address is:

15) [From H. Paul Jacobson III]
Orthodox items of interest on the Old Catholic Homepage
  • Old Catholic Homepage
  • The Divine Liturgy according to The Rite of St. Tikhon, (The American _Book of Common Prayer_ rite authorized for Orthodox use by the Holy Synod of Moscow).
  • Commentary on the Liturgy of St. Tikhon from a booklet obtained from St. Mark's Parish (Western Rite Orthodox), Denver, Colorado. 16) St. Boniface http://www.maths.tcd.ie/hyplan/thomas/oldcath/jansch01.asc [contains a little information from an Old Catholic perspective on Ss. Willibrord, Boniface, and Gregory---as well as Ss. Theodore of Canterbury, Egbert, Wilfrid] I'm currently researching St. Boniface's life (or gettng ready to, so any more material on his life you can suggest would be most appreciated.) John Cyril Sladden, _Boniface of Devon: Apostle of Germany_ (Exeter: Paternoster Press, 1980) Charles H. Talbot, _The Anglo-Saxon Missionaries in Germany_ (NY: Sheed & Ward, 1954). contains the Hodoeporicon of St. Willibald (Boniface's successor, if I read correctly, as bishop of Mainz), which is probably the oldest life. Brockhaus Encyclopedia Under Bonifacius - originally - Winifried - Saint-abp of Mainz-680-755: Browne, George Forrest, 1833-1930, Boniface of Crediton the his companions., SPCK 1910. (illus) Gebauer, George John, Prolegomeno to the Ars Grammitica Bonifatii, Ph.D. Thesis, U>Chicago, 1940. Illus. Under Boniface, Saint, 680-755: Schieffer, Theodore, Angelsachsen und Franken; zwei Sutdien zur Kirchen, 1951. Kurth, Godefroid, Saint Boniface (680-755), 1902 Saint Boniface; 1935 Vita Sancti Bonifatii archiepiscopi moguntini, 1977 Williband, pres Life of Saint Boniface, 1916 Duckett, Eleanor Anglo-Saxon Saints and Scholars, 1947 Lowe, Heinz Literarischer Widersacher des Bonifatius..., 1952 Author: Kurth, Godefroid, 1847-1916. Title: Saint Boniface; translated from the fourth French edition by Rt. Reverend Victor Day; with insertions from the latest historical findings by Rev. Francis S. Betten. Pub. Info.: Milwaukee, The Bruce Publishing Company [c1935]. iuthor: Willibald, presbyter, 8th cent. Title: The life of Saint Boniface, by Willibald; translated into English for the first time with introduction and notes by George W. Robinson. Pub. Info.: Cambridge, Harvard university press; [etc., etc.] 1916. Author: Duckett, Eleanor Shipley. Title: Anglo-Saxon saints and scholars. Pub. Info.: New York : Macmillan, 1947. Author: Gebauer, George John, 1899-1969. Title: Prolegomena to the Ars grammatica Bonifatii ... by George John Gebauer. Pub. Info.: Chicago, Ill., 1942. Phy Descript: 1 p. ., ii-iv, 106 p. diagrs. 23 cm. Notes: Lithoprinted. Thesis (PH. D.)--University of Chicago, 1940. Bibliographical foot-notes. LC Subject: Boniface-Saint-Archbishop-of-Mainz-ca-675-754-Ars-grammatica. Latin-language -- Grammar -- Early-works-to-1500. Author: Browne, G. F. (George Forrest), 1833-1930. Title: Boniface of Crediton and his companions based on lectures delivered in the Cathedral church of Bristol in 1906 by the Right Rev. G. F. Browne, D.D.. Pub. Info.: London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1910. 17) [David Coomler] _Biographical Dictionary of the Saints_ by F. G. Holweck, published in 1924. It is a good listing of the saints of both the Eastern and Western churches, though it does contain some dating errors, I have noticed. Under the mercy, Daniel