Orthodox Mailing lists

The Orthodox Page is just that, a page on the WorldWide Web. It has its own merits and its own limitations. However, if you would like to know more about Orthodoxy and Orthodox Christians why not join one of the mailing lists currently available for Orthodox Christians as well as those who are interested in Orthodoxy? Here is the very basic information you need to subscribe.

There are three mailing lists (that I know of). They are:

  1. Orthodox Christianity List
  2. EOCHR-L, Eastern Orthodox Christian discussion group
  3. Orthodoxy list (moderated)


DESCRIPTION: The purpose of the Eastern Orthodox Christian discussion group is to give a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas by members of the various Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches around the world, as well as any other people who are seriously interested in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the concerns of the Orthodox.

To subscribe, send, to: LISTSERV@QUCDN.QueensU.CA or LISTSERV@QUCDN.BITNET
The message:
subscribe EOCHR-L <your real name>

LISTOWNER: Dragic V.Vukomanovic (Dragic.Vukomanovic@QueensU.CA)


DESCRIPTION: This list is dedicated to the thoughtful exchange of information regarding Orthodox Christianity world-wide, especially its impact upon and resurgence within Russia & her neighbors.


The message:
subscribe Orthodox <your real name>

LISTOWNER: Mark Gilstrap (gilstrap@indiana.edu)

Name: Orthodoxy

Welcome to the Orthodoxy Mailing list. This is a moderated mailing list, with the express purpose of sharing with anyone who is interested what the Orthodox Church teaches, and for Orthodox to converse in a friendly, non-confrontational atmosphere.

This list is different in purpose and scope than the Orthodox mailing list managed by Fr. Mark Gilstrap. The ORTHODOX list is very unrestrained, and is the place to go for completely open debate; unfortunately, this often leads to very adversarial communication. The Orthodoxy mailing list is by design a friendly mailing list, where both newcomer and long-time Orthodox can meet and converse about things Orthodox.

Currently, this list is both closed and moderated. That means that you must have the moderator's permission to subscribe, and he personally will approve each message before it is distributed to the list.

Right now, the ground rules of the list are as follows:

No jurisdictional debates or flames.

No personal attacks.

No gossip, jurisdictional or otherwise. If it is in a publication, it is fair game.

The moderator reserves the right to reject a message that he feels might lead to a flame war, or that breaks the above rules. However, the moderator will return rejected messages with the reason for their rejection. If the sender does not agree with the reasoning, that can be discussed in email with the moderator.

Currently, the moderator is Jon Nials (subdeacon John Mark Nials) and can be reached at . The list is a *Majordomo* style list, residing at pentagon.io.com. Questions or problems with the list should be sent to the moderator at .

To subscribe to the Orthodoxy list, send, to majordomo@pentagon.io.com, the message:

subscribe orthodoxy

Do not worry about whether your message to the listserv is in upper or lower case (except for your name). This also applies to the listserv address. However, be careful not to include anything else in the body of your message but the above command. No thanks or questions, please! The listserv is simply a programme which cannot understand anything else but simple commands. If you have any queries about these lists or problems subscribing, contact their owners at the addresses provided.

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