[IMAGE]Orthodox Resources

Links to other internet-based Orthodox services can be found here

  1. Paul Azkoul's Traditional Iconography
  2. Catalogs from various mail order companies
  3. The Orthodox Listserv Archive
  4. Orthodox Listservs (mailing lists)
  5. The Orthodox Resources FAQ
  6. Teaching and Music Tape FAQ
  7. Less-Common Icon FAQ
  8. Western Saints FAQ
  9. Lives of Western Saints FAQ
  10. These four pages, put together by Daniel Lieuwen, are a wealth of information on how to find teaching and music tapes and more unusual icons, plus information on and lives of western saints.

  11. The Orthodox List FTP site
  12. A very nice, complete, ftp site. It contains everything from vegan frosting to the morning prayer of St. Philaret, Metr. of Moscow! It also has a fair number of icons.
  13. Holy Transfiguration Monastery's home page. (NEW LINK)
  14. Orthodox Book Reports
    Book reports (reviews) of various Orthodox books.
  15. The Christian Activist
    Online editions of the Christian Activist newspaper.
  16. Orthodox World News
  17. Library of Congress exhibit on The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures.
  18. Treasures of the Czars
    At the Florida International Museum
  19. The Orthodox Christian Fellowship Homepage (MIT)
  20. Eastern Orthodox Spiritual Direction Files
  21. Orthodox Ministry ACCESS WWW Home Page
  22. Guide to monasteries in Yugoslavia
  23. Ethiopia Page
  24. The Pokrov Home Page (in Bulgaria).
  25. Valamo Monastery (in Finland)'s page
  26. Holy Cross Orthodox Mission near Baltimore MD (links to other local parishes are welcome).
  27. The Mount Athos Greek Manuscripts Catalog
  28. A catalogue of the manuscripts found in Philotheou Monastery together with various other interesting information on Mount Athos. Still under construction.
  29. The ECOLE Initiative
  30. Guide to Early Church Documents
  31. Texts written by the early Church Fathers (some of the items in these links express the Roman Catholic or Protestant views). The ECOLE Initiative seems to be a super-set of many of the other resources on the web.
  32. Times Newspapers Religion Features
    (Some nice things here, but not all of it is Orthodox).

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